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blackandwhiteroadmnoI’m addicted to music. Spotify is my most used app, my auxiliary cords look as though they’ve been used as floss by a giant with gingivitis, and my ear drums are in desperate need of some r & r.

More Nights Outside is no music blog, but seeing as how music is such a constant part of my daily life, I wanted to share a few of the albums that I’ve been bumping on repeat. In this first music post, I’ve included three of my favorite hip hop albums to drive to, as well as three of the best reggae albums to fly to. From the freeway to the tarmac, these grooves are MNO-approved. Safe travels, and enjoy.

Rap to Drive To:

Hip-hop is a constant in my car. Since I first got my license, cruising to rap has been a daily occurrence. While by no means exhaustive, this list has a few gems from Curren$y, A Tribe Called Quest, and Blu & Exile.

Artist: Curren$y 

Album: Pilot Talk II

If you know me, you know I’m a huge Curren$y fan. Curren$y, AKA Spitta, is a New Orleans rapper with a penchant for old school Chevys and greenery. His laid-back style is perfect to drive to. If you’re not up on Spitta, Pilot Talk II is a great place to start before you dive into the rabbit hole that is his discography. Definitely one of my favorite tapes.

iTunes Link

Artist: A Tribe Called Quest

Album: We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service

Chances are you’ve heard Tribe’s new album, their first in nearly two decades, which just hit number 1 on the charts. If not, it’s definitely worth a listen. RIP Phife!

(We the People single off the album shown, Spotify link below)

Spotify Link

Artist: Blu & Exile

Album: Below the Heavens

I’d probably put this in my top ten rap. It’s one of the best start-to-finish underground hip-hop albums ever made, in my opinion. Throughout the album, Blu is a hungry, articulate, genius of wordsmith who’s on the hunt for a dollar and a dimepiece, but will settle for a mic and a few beats from producer and partner Exile.

Spotify Link

Reggae to Fly To:

In the airport, I almost always listen to reggae. Good reggae tunes out the white noise of the security cue, helps to drown out the cries of babies and simultaneously realize that babies are gifts from Jah, and basically converts the mind into a Caribbean oasis. These are a few of my favorite reggae albums to travel to, from Groundation, Cultura Profetica, and Protoje. Bless up!

Artist: Groundation

Album: Each One Teach One

When I’m trying to pass out on the plane, I have one move: Groundation. A roots reggae band big enough to field a soccer team that features the singular vocals of Harrison Stafford, Groundation is my go-to for irie vibes at 35,000 feet.

Spotify Link

Artist: Cultura Profetica

Album: La Dulzura

You don’t need to speak Spanish to be blown away by this Puerto Rican reggae band. All the way through, La Dulzura, meaning “The Sweetness,” is dripping with soul and sex.

Spotify Link

Artist: Protoje

Album: Ancient Future 

A bit more upbeat than the other reggae albums on this list, Ancient Future isn’t for those who want to snooze. A kingpin of Kingston’s music scene, Jamaican rising star Protoje rides the line between rap and reggae with a characteristic cadence: verses make your head nod, choruses make your soul ride.

(Who Knows ft. Chronnix, single off the album, spotify link below).

Spotify Link

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